Tetrabyte Limited Support Small Businesses – Even During a Pandemic

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With many firms struggling at the moment Tetrabyte pay it forward by supplying IT services to their clients who were really facing financial hardship for free.

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One of the UK’s market leaders in IT Management and Telecommunication services, have been open for business to support SMEs all through the pandemic. Tetrabyte Limited are a customer-focused firm who have always put their clients at the heart of all they do. Recently, however, times have been tough for everyone.

With their regular clients recommending them to other companies in need of their IT Support and Telecoms, Tetrabyte have managed to emerge from this pandemic without losing any employees.

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During these tough economic times Tetrabyte allowed struggling clients a little leeway, and did not get bogged down by due dates on invoices.

Who are Tetrabyte?

In case you haven’t heard of them already, Tetrabyte Limited are one of the biggest names in IT Management in the UK. Ever since their establishment in 2002, this busy IT firm has seen itself go from strength to strength. They attribute their growth to their forward-focused, customer-centric business model… a testament they cling to, especially as we emerge from an economic crisis.

Tetrabyte Limited saw major growth, year after year, until they had to seek out bigger offices in 2011. Supplying end-to-end IT Support and Telecommunications Services Tetrabyte even achieved a 27% growth during the pandemic thanks to recommendations from their existing clients who were so impressed with the service they had received during these very trying times. Yet, Tetrabyte never lost sight of the difficulties faced by some of their clients and helped them out by offering their support for free until times improved for these customers as they believe loyalty should be acknowledged.

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