Tests You Must Take After Recovering From COVID-19

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The current coronavirus situation in India is quite terrible. Many people who are infected with the virus are unable to access basic testing facilities while some who are heavily impacted with the disease are not able to get adequate treatment due to lack of hospital beds and oxygen in the area. Doctors across the globe continue to suggest that one should take utmost care while being infected with COVID-19 and should also be very careful even after recovery.

Post recovery, some tests are necessary to confirm if everything is absolutely fine and to now the damage and repair that is ongoing in the body. So after getting a negative RTPCR test report, a person should get the following tests done:

Vitamin D:

It is proven that coronavirus causes deficiency of Vitamin D. One of the reasons why Vitamin D supplement is given at the time of COVID-19 is also the deficiency. Once you test negative, it is extremely crucial for you to check the Vitamin D content in your body. This will also help you determine whether or not you need extra medication for vitamin D.

Chest scans:

Cough and cold is a very common symptom of coronavirus. During the period, an individual’s lungs are attacked and intensity of the disease is only known after an HRCT scan is done. In most cases, the presence of black fungus is also detected by the scan. So, once you test negative, it is a good idea to check the status of your lungs.

Heart imaging and cardiac screenings:

Coronavirus leads to inflammation in the entire body. Mostly doctors recommend that once a person is negative, he or she must get his or her lungs and heart checked. The purpose of this is that the disease attacks both these organs majorly and the two organs on their own are very sensitive. Moreover, in quite a few cases, people have been complaining of heart related issues.

Glucose, cholesterol tests:

Like any other disease, COVID-19 too affects the salt balance in the body. While dealing with coronavirus, one is asked to constantly monitor their vitals like body temperature, blood oxygen, pulse etc. So, once you are done fighting the virus, it is a good idea to know the salt balance of your body. Increased or decreased level of a particular element in the blood can lead to severe complications.

igG antibody tests:

This is perhaps one of the most basic and important tests that one should get done after testing negative for coronavirus. Once the disease is cured entirely, our body generates antibodies for it. This is true for any disease that an individual suffers from. As per medical experts, the antibodies generated by the body are helpful in nature and keeps one immune. To know the level of antibodies generated by your body, you must get this test done.

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