Terror plot in Jammu & Kashmir averted; 7kgs IED recovered

After a top terrorist, who had filmed a video of National security advisor, Ajit Doval's office was arrested, it has come to light that Pakistan-based terror group Jaish e Mohammad has been planning a strike in Delhi. The Jammu and Kashmir DGP had also disclosed that the terrorists in Kashmir have started procuring weapons from Bihar and are using some tools and making plans of smuggling these illegal weapons into the valley. Dilbagh Singh the DGP of Jammu and Kashmir talked with us. He says that the Jammu police were lucky enough to have found these readymade IEDs which were ready to be used. The IED weighs somewhere around 7 kgs and if it were used the entire city would've been wrecked with havoc around. Their plan was to target busy areas like Bus stands and temples to create a communal divide near the second anniversary of the horrific Pulwama attack.