Tenacity and Hard Work Drives People Towards Accomplishments By Ajay Damraliya

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Achieving the dream of being a successful entrepreneur is not just hard, but it demands you to walk through one of the most challenging odysseys of your life. Ajay Damraliya is a name among Surat’s youngest Digital Marketers who’ve walked through this path. People might believe that it is a Digital Marketer’s luck that drives him to success. On the contrary to this firm belief, a digital marketer has to work his fingers to the bones to make a name for himself.

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Initially, Ajay worked on plenty of niche-based sites and many event blogs; then, he realized that real growth exists in the news sites. Researching about the growth of sites helped him to take a step towards his goals. He was uncertain whether things will work in his favor when he puts his plans into action. But the fear of failure didn’t overcome his determination. Initially, a couple of his sites rejected from news approval on Google, but he didn’t give it up and decided to put more effort.

As they say, hard work always pays off. So, in the initial days of 2019, he got an approval on three sites from the US edition of Google News Network. Today he knows all the tactics of getting approval by the most significant networks. Also, he reported that “We applied for more than ten sites at the same time, but we got an approval on only three sites.” Furthermore, he added that it was not about receiving approval; it was about learning what works and what not? And, we knew that with this bulk approval process.

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It was demotivating for Ajay Damraliya to witness his sites getting deindexed on Google for no specific reason. Hence, he needed to sustain indexed pages on Google to take advantage of incoming traffic on his sites. As he started getting approval on Google News Network, deindexing was no longer part of his maneuver.

After getting initial success on his news approval process, Ajay Damraliya started spreading continuous & genuine news based content on his sites. Within four months of ongoing efforts, his sites started receiving traffic from tier-1 countries. Well, this is the traffic that converts more than anything else. With time, he started shifting his focus over other verticals of news like TV Shows, Gadget Launches, Web Series Information & Release Schedules, and so on. With time, he started adding 20-30 articles daily, which started working on his favor.

Ajay Damraliya’s swedge against all odds is the reason behind his victory. He started receiving more than 10 million page views monthly on his sites after five months of continuous hard work and dedication. He kept his nose to the grindstone and put all his efforts into the pages. Gradually, the pages started generating four figures in dollars, and he started having a steady income.

With zeal and hard work, Ajay Damraliya started building more sites in News Space. He owns plenty of sites and generates a steady income for his company named Maruti Web Solution. He wants his company to reach new heights, and we all know that he is tenacious enough to make his dream come true.