Tell us if private renting is affecting your health

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Tell us if private renting is affecting your health

Private renting is making millions of people ill with almost half of England’s 8.5 million renters experiencing stress or anxiety and a quarter made physically sick as a result of their housing.

If you’re living in private rental accommodation and you’ve been made physically or mentally ill due to issues surrounding your living situation we would like to hear from you. Whatever your age, gender, relationship status or if you have children or not, we’d like to hear how your housing experiences are affecting your health.

Share your experiences

How do you feel about the terms of your tenancy? Is your rent affordable? Are repairs in your property dealt with properly? Do you get on with your landlord? Have you ever been threatened with eviction? How are any other aspects of living in private rental accommodation affecting your health?

You can get in touch with us by filling in the encrypted form below. Only the Guardian will see your responses and one of our journalists may be in touch for more information, if we decide to publish your story as part of an upcoming article.

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