Tell people of govt's work: Manmohan Singh

HT Correspondent

Jaipur, Jan. 20 -- The government and the Congress has failed to convey the success in bringing inclusive development to the people due to shortcomings in communication strategy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Sunday.

The UPA government has been more successful than the BJP-led NDA in achieving higher gross domestic product and agricultural growth rate, he said. "But our successes are not being recognised. Probably, our communication strategies are not very effective," Singh told 1200-odd Congress delegates at the day-long AICC session.

The Congress has repeatedly attacked opposition-ruled states for taking credit for social welfare schemes initiated and funded by the Centre. "We have to give right information to the people and honestly admit our shortcomings," Singh said.

Handling inflation, he admitted, was "one of the shortcomings" of the UPA government. "The average rate of inflation has remained higher than we desired," Singh said. "The main reason has been an increase in international prices of petroleum products. Second, the minimum support price of crops had been raised substantially for the benefit of farmers."

But "strong steps" would be taken to ease the price rise situation this year, he added.

Regarding corruption, Singh said the government understands the anger of the common man. "We have taken several steps to improve transparency and accountability," he said.

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.