Tell lies: Karnataka BJP leader's shocking campaign advice for workers ahead of polls

"In case you do not know, tell some lies or something. We are politicians, we should not say we don't know when it comes to anything."

Believe it or not, that is campaign advice that the BJP's K S Eshwarappa, a former deputy chief minister of Karnataka, was quoted as giving his fellow partymen on December 4 - in a leading newspaper. In fact, Eshwarappa was filmed saying this.

Congress-governed Karnataka is all set to elect a new Assembly next year, and the BJP - led in the state by BS Yeddyurappa - will look to add it to the long list of states where it is now in power.

According to an Indian Express report, K S Eshwarappa told BJP workers in Koppal that they should use their awareness of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "machismo" to "spin" stories.

And how exactly does one spin stories, according to Eshwarappa?

Here's an example, quoted in IE's report: Telling voters that Pakistan didn't have the courage to attack India during Atal Behari Vajpayee's prime-ministership, but that its Army killed Indian jawans during the Manmohan Singh years. And that after Narendra Modi "finished 10 soldiers in Pakistan" after he took over in the PMO.

But that's not all.

If BJP workers say nothing when potential voters laud Congress achievements, the saffron party "will have to shut shop and go away," Eshwarappa was quoted as saying in the report.

The Karnataka Congress tweeted a video of Eshwarappa's comments.

"Former DyCM & BJP leader Eshwarappa has been caught on video asking BJP supporters to spread misinformation & abuse opponents," the tweet read.

Eshwarappa declined to speak about the clip of his comments, and said he made them at an internal party meeting, The IE report said.

Here's the video. (Courtesy: TV9 Kannada/YouTube)