Telangana's Karimnagar Municipal Corporation Conducts Final Rites of Covid-19 Victims for 1 Rupee

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The second wave of coronavirus has created a horrifying situation in the society. Inhuman attitude is being witnessed at several occasions when patients die of Covid-19 infection as family members, close relatives and friends prefer to stay away to attend final rites.

While some families give money, some others cannot afford a middle man and ambulance driver to complete the rituals after coronavirus deaths. At this difficult time, municipal officials in Telangana’s Karimnagar have come forward to do the final rites of people who died of coronavirus infection. Not only is it a great reprieve to many families, but they have to give only one rupee as a fee.

And that too, the Karim Nagar municipal officials are charging one rupee for taking the copy of Aadhar card and ration card for identification purposes.

Several instances have seen that coronavirus-affected families had to spend about Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 to complete final rites. Those who cannot afford it have to face a lot of difficulty and inconvenience.

Horrific scenes were reported from several places as at several instances, the bodies were carried in the same vehicle and burnt together — sometimes they are half-burnt. There were also many reports that ambulance staff or drivers leave PPE kits in open without burying them with the bodies.

A tragic situation is that the family members watch the final rites through video calls on their mobile phones. When it is not possible they see through a WhatsApp message later on as they avoid attending the same.

Municipal Commissioner Valluri Kranthi said, "We collect one rupee for taking a xerox copy of an Aadhar card. I urge such victimised families to avoid the middle man who may loot them in the name of final rites."

The Municipal Corporation pays Rs 8,000 to a contractor and gives some additional amount if it is a Corona body. As per traditions and religions, the final rites are performed.

The Municipal Commissioner stated that they have conducted final rites to 158 bodies till last December and since then did so for 49 Corona bodies.

This will continue and people avoid the middle man from cheating, she suggests.

(with the inputs from P Srinivas, News18 Karimnagar)

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