Telangana: 4-day-long incestuous wedding ends after man kills niece-wife over delay in serving food

The accused, identified as 28-year-old R. Anjaneyalu, was the maternal uncle of wife G Parijitha. Four days after their wedding on April 12, Anjaneyalu attacked his niece-wife Parijitha with a pistol on her head for not serving him food on time.

In a shocking incident in Telangana, an incestuous four-day wedding ended with the man killing his niece-wife merely because she failed to serve him food on time.

The incident took place in Khilla Ghanpur mandal in Wanaparthy district.

The accused, identified as 28-year-old R. Anjaneyalu is actually the maternal uncle of wife G Parijitha.

He hit her hard on the head with a pistol.

Parijatha was rushed to the nearby Mahbubnagar hospital by her relatives who reached the spot after hearing her screams, but she succumbed to her injuries at the hospital early on Tuesday morning.

Parijatha married Anjaneyulu on April 12 amid much fanfare. Her parents gave Rs 2 lakh in cash and six tolas of gold in dowry. According to police, the incident occurred on the night of April 16.


"Anjaneyalu got angry when his wife did not serve him dinner on time. He hit the victim on the head with a pistol and escaped from the spot. Anjaneyalu is actually maternal uncle of Parijitha and had got married on Wednesday after parents' pressure", said a police officer investigating the case.

Marrying people in the same family is a common practice among the locals here, as they are largely under the influence of customs followed by Muslims.

The police has arrested the killer husband Anjaneyalu after registering the case.

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