Telangana: Police identifies fake customer care numbers, cautions people not to fall prey to fraudsters

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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 29 (ANI): Police has identified fake customer care service numbers and cautioned people not to fall prey to such fraudsters.

According to police, a resident of Kukatpally, Hyderabad intended to make the payment of a credit card bill for Rs 32,052 through net banking from his Bank account.

"But the amount was not remitted to the credit card account for some reasons. Following this, he searched the customer care number of the respective bank on the internet and called some mobile numbers. Upon which the receiver of the call asked his account details for refunding the amount, he was asked to download a remote access application on his mobile and transfer an amount of Rs 1 to the digital payment wallet from his account," the police said.

"Doing accordingly, he received messages of debit of Rs 1,61,000 from his bank account in 12 transactions. Later, there was no response from the fraudster on the phone number," the police added.

In another case, a person from Balanagar, Hyderabad complained to police that he made a payment of Rs 2,800 to his friend through a digital payment wallet. He called some phone number he found on the internet claiming to customer care executive.

He was asked to provide his bank account details and instructed to download a remote access app on his mobile and enter his bank account details.

"After which he received messages for a debit of Rs 72,905 in five transactions from his bank account. He then realized that he responded to the fake customer care service numbers and lost the money," the police said.

Cyberabad police has advised people not to fall into the trap of fake customer care numbers found on internet searches. (ANI)