Digvijaya Singh Booked for ISIS Tweet Against Telangana Police

Chandrasekhar Rao government called out Digvijaya Singh to either withdraw his comments or furnish evidence for it.

A case has been filed against Congress leader Digvijaya Singh for a tweet accusing the Telangana Police of radicalising Muslim youth and “encouraging them to become ISIS modules”.

Tweeted Digvijaya SinghThe issue is whether Telangana Police should be trapping Muslim youths in becoming ISIS modules by posting inflammatory information?

Responding strongly to the tweets of Digvijaya Singh, KT Rama Rao, son of Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, tweeted that such a tweet coming from a former Chief Minister was the “most irresponsible & reprehensible thing”.

Rama Rao, who is also a cabinet minister in the Chandrasekhar Rao government, called out the Congress general secretary to withdraw his comments or furnish evidence for the same.

Speaking to the reports later in the day, in Delhi, the leader wanted to know whether the Congress high command also shared Singh’s view.

Anurag Sharma, Telangana Director General of Police, also reacted to Digvijaya’s allegations by saying that it would “lower the morale and image of the police.”

Union Minister for Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu shared on Twitter that the Telangana police proactively share information on anti-terror with other states, and demanded that the senior Congress leader apologise immediately.

Digvijaya Singh was removed as the party’s general secretary in-charge for Karnataka and Goa on Saturday.

(With inputs from PTI)