Telangana Man Tested with Coronavirus Strain in Warangal, State Govt Prepares to Tackle Spread

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A 49-year-old man, who arrived from the UK on December 10, was tested for the Coronavirus strain in Telangana. The health department has already shared the information with the state and the Central Government.

The new strain of coronavirus has been found in India with samples of six UK returnees testing positive for the Britain variant -- three samples in Bengaluru's NIMHANS, two in Hyderabad's CCMB and one in Pune's NIV.

The man from Warangal Urban district was found to have coronavirus symptoms on December 16 and diagnosed with Covid-19 positive on December 22, sources said. He has been receiving treatment at a private hospital in Warangal.

Medical authorities collected samples again and then it was sent to Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology-CCMB, Hyderabad for further analysis after he returned from the UK.

After genetic analysis of the sample, CCMB confirmed that the virus has shown significant change and the virus has similarities with the new strain virus of UK.

The medical authorities were alerted and tests were conducted on the victim's family members and relatives.

The victim's 71-year-old mother was also tested positive and was treated at a private hospital in Warangal and her samples were sent to CCMB for further analysis.

"Both the victims are stable and they will be in the medical supervision for another week. We have test twice before confirming the negative of UK virus." said a senior medical official.

Telangana medical health department in the state has been alerted to control the strained Coronavirus and preparing a strategy to prevent it at an early stage.

The Principal Secretary Rizvi had an urgent meeting with the departmental officials on Monday.