Telangana man shot in US succumbs to injuries

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Telangana man shot in US succumbs to injuries

A man from Telangana was shot by unidentified men in a store in Ohio. He succumbed to injuries on December 8.

An Indian man, native of Telangana state was killed in a shoot out in USA.

Such incidents have been witnessed earlier as well.

The victim Karunakar was working at a convenience store in Ohio and was shot by robbers in his store during a robbery in Fairfield.


According to reports, two miscreants entered into the Jiffy Mart on Dixie Highway before 10 pm on December 4. One of them shot 53-year-old Karunakar Karengle and fled with the cash.

The grievously injured Karunakar was shifted to a hospital where he succumbed to injuries on Friday December 8.

Earlier this week, a 35-year-old man named Mohammad Akbar was also shot by an unidentified gunman. He is currently undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital. Akbar was pursuing his higher studies in Chicago, Illinois.

Meanwhile one of the family member of Karunakar, Mahesh has seeked help from the crowd sourcing website

"I am writing this on behalf of my sister Vijaya, and my nephew Aniket who live in India. My brother-in-law was very hard working and a considerate person. He was a loving husband and a devoted father. Due to various circumstances he incurred financial debt in India because of which he travelled to the US a few years ago to try and make enough money to clear his debt, support his family in India, give them a better life and especially for their only son's education. He was working seven days a week almost twelve hours a day to make ends meet.", wrote Mahesh.

Karunakar's only son Aniket is studying and lives with his mother in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Mahesh has requested people to fund the family as it will primarily help Karunakar's wife and son with funeral costs. The funding might also help Aniket in completing his education and provide the family with a ray of hope in such distressed conditions.

Meanwhile, Fairfield police has requested people to call the Police Department Tip Line at 513-896-8200/513-352-3040 or write on their website, if they have any information concerning the incident.