Telangana Man Arranges Special Vehicle To Ferry Covid-19 Patients To Hospitals

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Covid-19 patients often get neglected by close relatives and friends these days. Moved by this pathetic situation, a person from Govindpet in the Nizamabad district in Telangana is offering some help for patients to at least reach hospitals. Appala Ganesh is spending his own money to offer auto service and avail of treatment. He has engaged driver Mujeeb for the duty and offers Rs 10,000 a monthly payment to the driver along with other expenses besides getting the driver an insurance policy. Also to get rid of direct contact with the patients, Ganesh got a special driver's cabin in the auto. Ganesh feels "serving people is tantamount to serving God". As and when he gets phone calls, the auto driver will come to the patient's house and pick up the person. Both of them will take the Corona patient to Armur hospital. The people seeking Corona treatment are now getting his help to move to the government and private hospitals in Armur. Surprised at this timely and unexpected help, villagers see Ganesh as a real hero and a leader to emulate. However, he unsuccessfully contested in the recently held Sarpanch polls in the village. Even during the Corona last year, he offered help to workers. He offered food to many and gave footwear to 200 working people.

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