Telangana farmer grows Rudraksha tree

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Medchel (Telangana) [India], June 5 (ANI): A farmer from Medchel district of Telangana has grown a tree of Rudrakshas, which is typically grown in Dingla region of Nepal. Vimala Devi planted this tree seven years ago and claims that she gets 7 kgs to 8 kgs of Rudrakshas each year. The news came to light on the occasion of World Environment Day. "Rudrakshas are considered as a symbol of Hindu culture and I feel that I have blessings of Lord Shiva as I am able to grow this plant here. I planted this tree 7 years ago and since last 3 years am getting the Rudrakshas. Every time I get around 7 kgs to 8 kgs of Rudrakshas," she said while speaking to ANI. "The interesting fact about my Rudrakshas tree is I have different faced Rudrakshas on the same tree. I feel privileged to be able to grow this tree in Telangana which usually grows in Nepal," she added. (ANI)