Telangana: Chilli farmers protest over fall in prices, torch crop stock in Khammam agricultural market

Telangana chilli farmers on Friday in a violent protest ransacked offices in the Khammam Agricultural Market and and torched their crop produce against the government's failure to control fall in chilli prices.

A violent protest erupted in Khammam agricultural market yard on Friday after a group of farmers ransacked some offices in the area and torched the chilli crops stock.

The agitation started when the farmers who had brought their produce to sell in the market found that the prices have fell drastically.

State farmers have long been demanding better prices for chilli, as it dipped to Rs 6,000 per quintal this season against Rs 12,000 per quintal last year.

Surplus production and slackening exports led to a major drop in the price of chillis in Telangana.


On Friday, when hundreds of farmers at Khammam market yard were offered Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 per quintal for their crop, in agitation they launched a demonstration that soon turned ugly.

With farmer agitation gripping the state, opposition parties Congress, Telugu Desam and BJP too attacked the incumbent TRS government for their poor governance.

Speaking to India Today, BJP Spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao said "TRS government is responsible for this scenario at the market yard and BJP demands immediate action by Chief Minister KCR in providing temporary relief to mirchi farmers who lost their produce, else KCR will be held responsible for any further fallout."

However, the Telangana Rastra Samithi government said that the opposition is only trying to instigate farmers.