Tekfusion Twinwoofers M 2.0 Review: It’s Sturdy With Quality Sound

When I got my hands on the first Tekfusion earphones last year, I didn’t have much hopes, but for a brand that’s not counted among the elite, it’s not too bad.

Now in 2017, this brand is back with the Tekfusion Twinwoofers M 2.0. Tekfusion claims this one offers better audio quality, can withstand rough-and-tough usage, and still come at an affordable price tag. For Rs 1,999 we go ahead and tell you if those claims are worth backing or not.


  • Decent audio output
  • Crisp mid-level bass
  • Sturdy cable design
  • Voice-calling available via mic
  • Value for money


  • Entangles very easily
  • Might not fit easily for all ear sizes

What’s Good?

The quality of cables used is sturdy, making it ideal for long use. (Photo Courtesy: Tekfusion)

I liked the overall design quality of the Twinwoofers 2.0, especially when you compare it with the first version. This one gets sturdy cables, which is critical to ensure you don’t face wear-and-tear issues very often.

Tekfusion claims that they have used premium quality, high grade aluminium to withstand heavy duty usage for the built-in woofers, which is also an advantage for users. The Twinwoofers won’t feel heavy on your ears with its 9.5 gram weight (without cable).

You also get a built-in microphone, making it easier for you to switch between calls and the music you’re listening to. This feature has become a must-have now, and we’re happy that Tekfusion realises and offers that, especially for its price.

We felt that Tekfusion could improve the audio quality with its next product, and that seems to have worked out with the Twinwoofers 2.0. The sound channels offer crisper tones, without falling out of place, no matter what genre you end up using it for.

I would have loved the bass level to be more prominent and deep, but the mid-level tones could find solace with users who’d prefer their music to be mild and subtle.

What’s Bad?

These come with built-in microphone. (Photo Courtesy: Tekfusion) 

Not much really, but the quality of cables used on the Twinwoofers 2.0 result in entangling of the cables. This could be bothersome for some people, but not a big deal breaker for my liking.

I still feel that for under Rs 2,000, the Twinwoofers 2.0 is too one-dimensional. At this price, users expect more of an all-rounder, capable of working out for any user, with preference for any music genre.

Why Buy It?

The Tekfusion Twinwoofers 2.0 is a marked improvement on the last years version, and these cost a lot less. They still lack the bite in bass that’s pretty much a basic requirement at this price.

However, they make up for that with its subtly, sound that doesn’t lose its touch with the music notes, no matter what levels you crank it up to. But, does the Twinwoofers 2.0 justify its price tag? Not really, and we’re not sure if the brand will appeal to buyers, purely because not many of us know about it.