Tehelka case: Tejpal taken into custody by Goa police

The prosecution argued in the court that the victim has maintained consistency in her statement whereas Tejpal changed his colours like a chameleon.


9:20 pm:
Tejpal taken into custody by Goa police.

8:30 pm:
Tejpal will be arrested, Goa DGP confirms.

8:20 pm:
Tejpal allowed to meet family members and can get home cooked food after arrest.

8:15 pm:
The Tehelka editor-in-chief is likely to be arrested within an hour from the Dona Paula crime branch office. (Source: Times Now)

8:10 pm:
Tejpal's bail plea rejected by the sessions court.

5:50 pm
: The judge is getting her order typed inside the chambers, CNN IBN reports.

4:40 pm:
Tejpal reaches Goa crime branch office. According to reports, he is unlikely to come to court.

4:30 pm:
Tejpal's bail plea verdict shortly.

12:50 pm:
An unidentified man attempts to attack Tejpal outside the sessions court. The man has been detained by the cops before he tried to attack the Tehelka founder. (Source: NDTV)
12:30 pm:
The court to give order on the rape accused Tejpal's bail plea after 4.30 pm.

12:25 pm:
The Goa sessions court hearing adjourned till 4:30 pm.

12:15 pm:
The 'light-hearted bantering' as claimed by Tejpal needs to be confirmed, prosecution tells court.

Tejpal trying to influence the probe: Prosecution

12:10 pm:
The prosecution accuses Tejpal of influencing the investigation.  The accused Tehelka editor-in-chief' tried to influence the complainant's family, the prosecution tells court.

12:05 pm:
Prosecution seeks Tejpal's custody, says truth will come out only during interrogation.

11:55 am:
Commenting on the CCTV footage, prosecution asserts the video proves that it was a rape.

11:50 am
: Prosecution says that it's a prima facie case.

11:40 am
: The prosecution also hands over the assessment of CCTV footage from the Goa hotel where the alleged rape occurred. (Source: NDTV)

11:40 am:
The prosecution argued in the court that the victim has maintained consistency in her statement whereas Tejpal changed his colours like a chameleon.

11:30 am:
Prosecution begins argument in court after defence lawyer concludes its plea.

11:15 am:
Defence lawyer to court: Willing to submit bank documents. "I offer my passport too but don't arrest me," the advocate was quoted by NDTV.

11:00 am:
Defence lawyer to court: Tejpal's arrest could have far reaching consequences.

10:55 am:
Defence lawyer to court: Arrest should be the last option in this case.

10:55 am:
Defence lawyer to court: Tejpal will give his mobile number and won't travel to Mumbai. (Source: Times Now)
Rape accused Tarun Tejpal reached Goa court Saturday morning. (Getty …

10:50 am:
The sessions court judge asks the lawyer not to repeat the arguments and cover the points not touched on Friday.

10:40 am:
Tejpal's defence lawyer argues in court: No need of custodial interrogation when Tejpal was already cooperating the ongoing probe.

10:30 am:
Tejpal reaches the court. He continues to assert that he will 'assist the ongoing investigation.'

"We have joined the investigations of Crime Branch. We joined the crime branch investigations yesterday itself," he said on Friday.

10:20 am:
The prosecution seeks 14 days custody of the rape accused Tejpal, Times Now reports.

10:10 am
: The bail plea hearing of Tejpal in Goa's sessions court begins.

9:50 am:
The Goa cops say the Tehelka editor-in-chief will not be questioned until they get his custody.

9:40 am:
Security tightens outside the Goa sessions court.

9:30 am:
Tarun Tejpal leaves the crime branch office. Tejpal said he is "not required to attend the court."

Saturday: 9:15 am:
  Tarun Tejpal reaches crime branch office on Saturday morning. "Whatever my lawyers feel is good we will do it, will cooperate with investigation," Tarun Tejpal said outside Crime Branch office. (Source: NDTV)

5:55 pm:
Court adjourns matter, Tarun Tejpal granted interim bail in sexual assault case till 10 am tomorrow. Court says police cannot arrest Tejpal till Saturday morning.

5:40 pm:
Tarun Tejpal's lawyer utters victim's name in court, judge reacts strongly, says, "It's not done, looks like she is in the dock and she is accused." Tejpal's lawyer apologises to court after naming the complainant.

5:25 pm: Goa Police arrests Tarun Tejpal at Dabolim airport after he alighted from the flight, to take him straight to court.

5:20 pm: Tarun Tejpal arrested on landing in Goa in the sexual assault case.

5:10 pm: Tarun Tejpal lands in Goa to depose before police

4:30 pm:
Tejpal's defence team alleges political conspiracy against him. "Tejpal has a lot of enemies and I fear there are a lot of political hands behind this case," Tejpal's lawyer Geeta Luthra says, claims police summons weren't served as per procedure. Police violating principles of natural justice, she alleges. Judge, however, discounts political conspiracy allegations

4:00 pm:
Tarun Tejpal is not running away. He will face the  trial. He was trying to take an earlier flight, but the Goa police hounded him,  which made him take another flight, Tejpal's lawyer tells court.

3:00 pm
: Don't politicise rape, says victim

The young journalist urged political parties to refrain from politicizing the issue.

"I call upon our political parties to resist the temptation to turn a very important discussion about gender, power and violence into a conversation about themselves," she said in a statement.

2:40 pm: The email trail in the Tehelka case

2:30 pm: Tejpal gets interim bail, flies to Goa

Tarun Tejpal flew to Goa today, after a court in Goa granted him interim bail till 2.30 p.m.

"I am going to Goa," Tejpal told the media in a brief comment at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi before taking a flight to Panaji.

Tejpal had Thursday first sought time till Saturday to appear before the Goa Police but later said he would reach Panaji Friday. The police turned down his request and officials indicated he could be arrested.

1:30 pm: What Tejpal did is rape: Victim

The journalist, who accused Tarun Tejpal of sexually assaulting her in a hotel elevator, today said that what the Tehelka founder did to her was rape and she was only fighting for her integrity.

She also thanked people for supporting her but was disturbed by allegations that the entire fiasco was a political conspiracy.

Here is her statement:

I am heartened by the broad support I have received over the past fortnight. However, I am deeply concerned and very disturbed by insinuations that my complaint is part of a pre-election political conspiracy.

I categorically refute such insinuations and put forward the following arguments:

The struggle for women to assert control over their lives and their bodies is most certainly a political one, but feminist politics and its concerns are wider than the narrow universe of our political parties. Thus, I call upon our political parties to resist the temptation to turn a very important discussion about gender, power and violence into a conversation about themselves. Suggestions that I am acting on someone else's behest are only the latest depressing indications that sections of our public discourse are unwilling to acknowledge that women are capable to making decisions about themselves for themselves.

In this past week, television commentators who should know better, have questioned my motivations and my actions during and after Mr. Tejpal molested me. Some have questioned the time it took for me to file my complaint, more inquisitive commentators have questioned the use of the word "sexual molestation" versus words like "rape." Perhaps the hardest part of this unrelentingly painful experience has been my struggle with taxonomy. I don't know if I am ready to see myself as a "rape victim", for my colleagues, friends, supporters and critics to see me thus. It is not the victim that categorizes crimes: it is the law. And in this case, the law is clear: what Mr. Tejpal did to me falls within the legal definition of rape.

Now that we have a new law that broadens the definition of rape, we should stand by what we fought for. We have spoken, time and again, about how rape is not about lust or sex, but about power, privilege and entitlement. Thus this new law should be applicable to everybody - the wealthy, the powerful, and the well connected - and not just to faceless strangers. As seen by some of the responses to this case, instances of familial and custodial rape present doughty challenges to even the most adamantine feminists.

Unlike Mr. Tejpal, I am not a person of immense means. I have been raised singlehandedly by my mother's single income. My father's health has been very fragile for many years now. Unlike Mr. Tejpal, who is fighting to protect his wealth, his influence and his privilege, I am fighting to preserve nothing except for my integrity and my right to assert that my body is my own and not the plaything of my employer. By filing my complaint, I have lost not just a job that I loved, but much-needed financial security and the independence of my salary. I have also opened myself to personal and slanderous attack. This will not be an easy battle.

In my life, and my writings, I have always urged women to speak out and break the collusive silence that surrounds sexual crime. This crisis has only confirmed the myriad difficulties faced by survivors. First, our utterances are questioned, then our motivations, and finally our strength is turned against us:  a politician will issue a statement claiming that speaking out against sexual violence will hurt our professional prospects; an application filed in the Delhi High Court will question why the victim remained "normal". Had I chosen silence in this instance, I would not have been able to face either myself or the feminist movement that is forged and renewed afresh by generations of strong women.

Finally, an array of men of privilege have expressed sorrow that Tehelka, the institution, has suffered in this crisis. I remind them that this crisis was caused by the abusive violence of the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, and not by an employee who chose to speak out.

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