Teenagers tweet #YOLO when they are likely to not study, get drunk or drive too fast

Washington, Dec. 22 (ANI): Most young teenagers who are prone to doing something dangerous or risky, are likely to not study, or are going to end up getting drunk, have been found to post a '#YOLO' tweet from their Twitter accounts, a new survey has revealed.

The YOLO acronym stands for 'You Only Live Once'.

According to Topsy, a Twitter analytics company, about 36.6 million tweets have included the YOLO acronym since it first appeared in October 2011, and a good percentage of them involved young people doing something dangerous or risky.

"There's something about the way the teenage brain functions that may tend to make poor decisions when other people are present," ABC News quoted child psychologist Dr. Mary Romano, as saying.

"Tie that into social media and even when you're alone, it almost artificially creates the presence of an audience because you sort of assume your actions are on display," she added.

According to the report, over roughly three hours one morning last week, 34 people tweeted about the prior night's drunken antics with the YOLO acronym, an ABC News search found.

A handful of YOLO-ers asked whether it was too early in the day to start drinking, while another 10 woke up that morning and tweeted that they didn't study for tests they had to take. Their tweets all included YOLO, or, as a Twitter hashtag, #YOLO, the report said.

"It was probably the most popular phrase on Twitter, I think," said Jamie de Guerre, the vice president of product at Topsy. He said Twitter users tweeted the #YOLO hashtag 388,000 times a day at the peak of its popularity in March. It's still used tens of thousands of times a day

Since the YOLO trend began, about 408,000 YOLO-tagged tweets had something to do with "texting while driving," according to Topsy, the report added. (ANI)