Teenagers help COVID patients in distress

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh), May 21 (ANI): As India continues its battle with the 2nd wave of pandemic, school students stepped up to help patients who are in distress. Avani Singh and Rishay Gupta from Meerut and Saharanpur's Ansh Garg help patients with hospital beds and oxygen supplies via WhatsApp. Speaking to ANI, one of the volunteers Avani Singh said, “We can't come out of our houses but had advantage of technology. We connected people from different cities. With their help we circulated verified info. We have 2 groups-one where we take requests and other for volunteers who verify leads and provide info within 10 minutes.” They added 200 volunteers to the WhatsApp group to verify the authenticity of patients as well as hospitals resources. Rishya Gupta said, “We spread the word on personal level. Later, those who were helped also joined to help others. We have 200 volunteers.” People from different walks of life in India are joining the cause in the hour of need.