Teenage Sausage Factory Worker Gets Sucked Into Meat Mixing Machine at Philippines, Dies a Horrific Death (Watch Video)

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In a freaking accident, a teenage sausage factory worker lost his life, after he got sucked into the meat mixing machine that placed next to him. The incident has reportedly occurred at the Philippines to an 18-year-old, identified as Jomar Junco. Media reports further stated that the horrific scene was unfolded at the early hours, when it is thought that the worker got his right arm caught in the machine which dragged him inside. The police officials are currently investigating the matter. Banwa Private Island, World's Most Expensive Resort Opens in Philippines, Costs $100,000 a Night. 

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It has been nearly two weeks, when the victim, Jomar joined the factory reportedly in the Mansaya-Lapuz, La Paz district. The owner of the factory, Jasielor Jaleco told the police officials that the victim’s job role was only to pack the finishing products and he had been given no responsibility to operate the machinery. He did not know, how the meat machine works, unlike his co-worker, Carl David Carlos, who was more experienced. The accident took place, when Carl stepped away for a while and Jomar possibly tried to operate the machinery alone.

Watch Video of the Horrific Death

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As reported, Jomar’s right hand was trapped at first, followed by which the machine sucked him inside. The moment Carl saw the victim’s legs sticking out in the machine, he rushed to turn it off. But it was late. After examining the incident, Ardee Porras, the Funeral Director stated to the local media outlets, that she believes that Jomar was killed by suffocation, while waiting for an official medical report to determine the cause of death.