'Teen Mom' fans are irritated by Farrah Abraham's savagery

Kylie Mar
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On Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham went savage on her mother, Debra Danielsen, when she found out that Jenelle Evans’s ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, was invited to her mom’s wedding.

After hearing the news from Jenelle, Farrah FaceTimed her mother to ask, “What’s going on with you inviting someone who Jenelle has been married to, who’s a habitual criminal, unsafe for kids, and you’re having that around your grandkids, basically?” Debra responded, “Well, first of all, Farrah, God sees all of us the same way. And if somebody has changed their life, and if somebody’s a good person, then nobody can condemn or judge anybody.” Farrah clearly didn’t agree with her mother’s point of view and immediately went off on her.

The argument between the two continued to heat up until Farrah reached a boiling point and yelled, “Mom, why don’t you shut up so you can unconfuse your brain?” And when Debra asked Farrah why she wasn’t even attending her wedding, Farrah decided the conversation was over.

Teen Mom fans were pretty irritated by the way Farrah treated her mother in the episode, titled “Unconfuse Your Brain.” One person tweeted:

While another wrote:

And fans were also pointing out:

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