Teen Model with Down's Syndrome is Breaking Stereotypes and the Internet

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A 15-year-old girl diagnosed with Down’s syndrome is breaking all the stereotypes by making foray into the modeling industry and earning ad offers.

When Kennedy Garcia was born in Colorado, doctors advised her mother Renee to “give her up for adoption” or to enroll her into an institution. Renee gained hope after a midwife called Kennedy beautiful and said she also had a daughter with the condition.

According to Mirror, the brush with the kind midwife kept Renee hopeful and now Kennedy has signed with a talent agency, goes to New York and Hollywood for auditions, and has been booked for several modeling gigs.

She has modeled for top American brands such as the American Girl, Justice Clothing, Disney, Zulily and Aetna. Kennedy even appeared on the popular soap opera This is Us.

However, the road to a bright career was a long and difficult one. She was diagnosed with leukaemia, following which she had to undergo a risky surgery to correct a spinal condition that could have left her paralyzed, the report added.

Kennedy had to wear a metal frame screwed to her skull for several months. But all the obstructions could not dent her passion and zeal.

The teen trumped social stigma by maintaining strong relationships with friends and family. She also has a boyfriend, Matthew and has an impressive following on her Instagram.