Family's shock after stowaway, 17, enters UK by hiding in their car roof box

David Harding
The young stowaway pictured clambering out of Simon Fenton's family car's roof box in Newbury, Berkshire. (SWNS)

A teenage migrant was found entering the UK by hiding in a car roof box of a Berkshire family who were returning from a holiday in France.

The Fenton family from Newbury had been on hiking and cycling holiday in the Dordogne.

On their final day in France they left their Skoda 4x4 car in the street because it was too big for a hotel garage.

The following day they sailed back to Dover, then drove home to Berkshire.

It was only when they were back at home that they made the discovery.

The 17-year-old stowaway was immediately arrested by police on suspicion of immigration offences. (SWNS)

Sally Fenton went to unpack the car and screamed when she found the sole of a shoe and a hand sticking out from the roof box.

Sally and her husband Simon immediately called the police.

Officers removed the teenager from the car roof box.

The boy was described as around 5ft 5 inches, and spoke to the Fentons in broken Dutch and German.

He said he was 17 years old and from Egypt.

The young stowaway even claimed that his friends had stolen items belonging to Mr Fenton's family. (SWNS)

Simon said: “[The police] actually told us – ‘Stand back, he might have a gun’.”

He added: “Needless to say, the roof box was completely damaged.

“We’d also spent a fortune on shoes – sandals, evening shoes, boots – for the trip, and we had the camera and the dog bed all in there.

“We still don’t know how he managed to actually fit in the box.

“We’d have felt him move around on the motorway.

“The worst part is that when he was taken away by the police, he was smirking. He looked really proud of himself.”

Thames Valley Police confirmed officers were called at around 3pm on August 31 to “reports of a person in a roof box” in a car.

A spokesperson added: “Officers attended and a 17-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

“The investigation is now being dealt with by immigration officials.”

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