Teen Draws Attention to Job Scarcity After Getting Zomato Order from Delivery Man with Masters Degree


Just sometime back, a Zomato delivery person had gone viral on the Internet after videos of him eating some of the food he was delivering surfaced. While people initiatlly found it hilarious, the conversation soon veered toward the harsh working conditions and low pay of delivery persons and their quivalents in the food and hospitality sector.

Now, another Zomato delivery person seems to have captured the Internet's attention. But not for bungling up with an order or defaulting on their service. This delivery person has been going viral for his high qualifications despite the fact that he is working as a delivery boy.

Meraj from Kolkata works as a delivery boy for Zomato. However, his bio on the food delivery app revealed that the man held a postgraduate degree in commerce.

The discovery was made by Kolkata-based Souvik Dutta who had ordered food off the app and was assigned Meraj for the delivery. Dutta posted a screenshot of Meraj's bio including his qualifications and said that it was probably the only time he "regretted" ordering food from Zomato.

"It was one of those usual checkouts ordering food, when I was taken a back after I was updated the details of my delivery agent," Dutta wrote in a Facebook post, sharing details of the incident and a screenshot of Meraj's bio.

After Meraj arrived, Dutta spoke to him and realised that the man had a M.com degree from Calcutta University and also held a post graduate diploma in finance or a similar discipline. Dutta, himself still pursuing a graduation degree, felt apalled that a man who had better qualifications that he did had to resort to delivering food to him.

"What have we done to this country...What have we done to this state where a Master's Graduate delivers food to the regular undergraduate teenager...What message does it send(?)" he wrote adding that "This country needs to change...This state needs to change...Jobs need to be created, we are living through difficult times...This country needs to change," Dutta concluded.

The post has been shared over 2,500 times on Facebook and sheds light on the serious problem of unemployment that currently plagues the country. According to a recent 2019 report by the National Sample survey Office (NSSO) that recently surfaced, unemployment is at a 45-year high. Though the Narendra Modi-led government has denied the veracity ofthe report, media both ;eegacyy and social have been buzzing with debated regarding the same.

With Lok Sabha elections 2019 approaching, unemployment is set to be one of the biggest campaign agendas for all political parties this year.