This Teen Brother-Sister Duo Is Giving Us Major Sibling Goals

What a talented brother-sister pair. Wow!

A million views on every video is a cakewalk for this bro-sis duo who rock Facebook like no one can.

This brother-sister duo is from Philippines and despite their age gap of 9 years, they found their common ground in dancing. Ranz Kyle was a member of an all-boys dance group and soon ended up with a massive fan following on social media. The teen went on to capitalise on the followers and built and a base for his little sister too.

Ranz and Niana come up with all kinds of fun videos, whether it’s a dance video in their signature style or a live one in which they entertain viewers with mindless rants. And little Niana has some awesome expressions and moves that can put us all to shame.

Take a look at this video of her dancing to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You:

Or this dance video to The Chainsmokers’ All We Know:

Their bio simply reads “ We post stuff to entertain and inspire the youth.” We don’t know about the ‘inspiring youth’ part, but they sure entertain every age group with their their fun activities.

Now take a look at this video and, spoiler alert, Niana slays it so easily!

This Salt Bae dance is like nothing you have never seen before.

And to top all of this, the next video alone has 41 million views.

The comments on their videos are filled with people requesting them to do a new dance video or sharing pictures with their siblings.