Tedhipulia four-lane flyover costs Rs 88 crore, informs Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on April 02 inaugurated the 2.2 km Tedhipulia flyover in Lucknow. Talking about the details of the flyover, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh informed that the four-lane flyover built on a single pillar using modern technology aimed to provide relief from the daily traffic is worth Rs. 88 crore. Rajnath Singh said, "Today 1,830 metre long and four-lane flyover was inaugurated on April 02. The budget for the construction of the flyover is 88 crore. The daily traffic on this route was found to be up to 42 thousand and is continuously increasing. In June 2019, the work started and even during the COVID regime the assigned task was completed. The importance of the flyover is that it is built on a single pillar using modern technology."