TecQ: TikTok India Ban, Apple 5G, Facebook Breach, And More

TecQ is our weekly round-up of the top technology stories.

1. Facebook ‘Unintentionally Uploaded’ 1.5 Mn Email IDs of New Users

Facebook said it is now deleting these emails and that it never meant to upload these contacts.

Facebook Inc, on Thursday, 18 April, said that it “unintentionally uploaded” the email contact of 1.5 million new users since May 2016, a Reuters report, citing Business Insider said.

The latest Facebook mishap has come to light after a security researcher noticed that "Facebook was asking some users to enter their email passwords when they signed up for new accounts to verify their identities".

The company told Business Insider it is now deleting these emails and that it never meant to upload these contacts. The company hasn’t revealed if users from India are part of the affected list but considering its large userbase in the country, don’t be surprised if there are.

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2. Google Pixel 3 User Demands Refund, But Gets 10 New Phones Instead

Pixel 3 was Google’s flagship phone for 2018-19.

Talk about being 10 times lucky! Google sent a customer 10 Pixel handsets worth over $9,000 (Rs 6.3 lakh) after he requested a refund for a defective Pixel 3 smartphone.

"Every large company has its fair share of customer service issues, but Google seems to always find the most perplexing ways to screw up. Case in point, one Reddit user has posted a story in hopes of getting Google's attention.

"After returning a defective Pixel 3, Google didn't issue a refund. Instead, it sent 10 Pixels when the user bought a replacement," the Android Police reported late on Thursday.

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3. TikTok App Taken Off Google Play Store and Apple App Store

TikTok has been taken down by Google and Apple app stores and Indians are grieving with memes. 

After the government asked tech giants Google and Apple to comply with the Madras High Court’s order that had banned popular mobile app TikTok, the app has been taken down from both Google and Apple’s app stores.

Sources told PTI on Tuesday, 16 April, that instructions in this regard were sent to the two American companies (Apple and Google) on Monday after the Supreme Court refused to stay the 3 April order of Madras High Court, which had directed the Centre to ban TikTok app over concerns about access to pornographic content through it.

The court, as per a report in The Economic Times, also directed to appoint senior advocate Arvind Datar as an independent counsel in the case.

The next hearing is scheduled for 24 April.

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4. Why the Apple-Qualcomm Settlement is Important for Future of 5G

Qualcomm and Apple have settled their dispute.

Apple and mobile chip maker Qualcomm have settled a bitter financial dispute around some of the technology that enables iPhones to connect to the internet.

The surprise truce announced Tuesday came just as the former allies turned foes were facing off in a federal court trial that was supposed to unfold over the next month in San Diego. The resolution abruptly ended that trial, which also involved Apple's key iPhone suppliers.

The deal requires Apple to pay Qualcomm an undisclosed amount. It also includes a six-year licensing agreement that likely involves recurring payments to the mobile chip maker.

This news was soon followed by Intel’s official announcement that it will be exiting the 5G modem business for smartphones.

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5. How Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Was Unsafe Even When Unused

Your Internet Explorer may not get updates from Microsoft anymore.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) has dealt with a reputation for poor security for years, now makes PCs vulnerable even if it is just installed in them, a security researcher has found.

According to researcher John Page, an unpatched exploit in the web browser's handling of MHT files (IE's web archive format), can let hackers spy on Windows users and steal their local data.

"As Windows opens MHT files using IE by default, you don't even have to run the browser for this to be a problem – all you have to do is open an attachment sent through chat or email.

"This wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the disclosure of the flaw. Page posted details of the exploit after Microsoft reportedly declined to roll out an urgent security fix,” Engadget reported on Sunday.

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