TecQ: OnePlus 5, In-Flight Wi-Fi, Google Pixel 2, Samsung & More

TecQ is our weekly round-up of the top technology stories.

1. Google Pixel 2: Can Google Give Us the Perfect Android Smartphone?

Google Pixel is available across the country, both online and offline. (Photo: The Quint)

When Google thought of making a smartphone of their own, they went all the way to make it one of the best offerings in the market. They almost succeeded at that too, but the price tag on the phone made people turn their heads the other way.

Now, Google is planning to upgrade its next flagship device with the best hardware and none of the mistakes made with Pixel and Pixel XL.

So, time to dive into some of the rumours we have heard about the upcoming Google device. Read the story here.

2. Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Review: More Bulk, Less Fun

Combination of glass and metal on the A7 gives it a premium look. (Photo: The Quint)

Slim has always been in and this holds true for smartphones too.

The 2017 version of the Samsung A7 exudes simplicity and offers some very impressive specs but it loses some points on the extra weight its put on.

Read The Quint review here.

3. Get Set, Wi-Fi: In-Flight Internet Is Finally Coming to India!

Soon you will be able to browse the internet, send messages, and even make calls. (Photo: The Quint)

You step inside a flight in India and once the plane is about to take off, your mobile phones just stop mattering. There’s no internet service for you at 35,000 feet. Your life stops right there.

But that’s about to change in 2017, with various domestic airlines prepping up to roll out in-flight Wi-Fi with speeds as good as 5 Mbps. Not bad, eh?

Sasi Kancharla, Honeywell Aerospace India By the end of 2017, we are hopeful that Indian airline operators will be able to offer in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity. The prices will vary according to the airlines and offerings that the passenger selects.

Honeywell Aerospace is one of the companies enabling airlines in India to go online, mid-air.

Read the story here.

4. Google Play Music in India at Rs 89 a Month, Should You Subscribe?

Play Music, Gaana or Apple Music? (Photo: The Quint)

Google Play Music has been launched in India with an introductory subscription offer of Rs 89 a month. A quick comparison between Apple Music, Google Play Music and Gaana+.

Check out the story here.

5. OnePlus 5 Rumour Round-Up: Will it be Better than the OnePlus 3T?

OnePlus 2. (Photo: The Quint)

OnePlus, which has always been about more specs and low prices, is gearing up to launch yet another flagship in the market – OnePlus 5. But wait a minute – whatever happened to the OnePlus 4? Well, it’s said the Chinese consider number ‘4’ as bad luck.

The questions to ask are whether it will be able to live up to expectations, and also what kind of pricing can we expect? Read here to know more.

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