TecQ: Mastodon, WhatsApp Battery Drain, Moto Razr, Hackers & More

TecQ is our weekly round up of the technology stories

1. Hackers Steal Money By Planting Malware in Public Mobile Chargers

Nothing comes for free.

A few years back, researchers at security firm Kaspersky Labs had found that hackers can install malicious malware and viruses into your smartphones via the USB cable of public charging station used to charge your phone.

They also discovered that information like device name, manufacturer, type, the serial number could also be hacked using the method called juice-jacking, a term coined back in 2011.

Until now ‘juice jacking’ was largely a theoretical threat, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The method is now actively being used by hackers, to steal money from people’s bank account. According to a report by India Today this week, few people have reported money theft, after claiming to have plugged in their mobile to a public charging port.

Read the story here.

2. People Find Us Troll-Free Compared to Twitter: Mastodon Founder

Eugen Rochko founded Mastodon in 2016.

Mastodon has been in existence for the past couple of years, but in India, it only took off recently after a series of controversial moves by Twitter suspending the accounts of renowned people.

Mastodon is remarkably similar to Twitter, but the setup is different. The "communities" are servers that are connected to each other in a decentralised social network.

More importantly, people seem comfortable with Mastodon’s policies, especially when they face virtual harassment, something that happens on Twitter with seemingly little action taken against perpetrators.

To know more about this platform, The Quint spoke to Eugen Rochko, who founded the main server on which many Indians have signed up in the past week. Read the full interview here.

3. Apple Refreshes MacBook Pro With 16-Inch Display & New Keyboard

The new MacBook comes with more storage.

After all these years, Apple has heard prayers of its users, by changing the butterfly keyboard setup on its refreshed MacBook Pro range of laptops, which now gets a 16-inch display.

The 16-inch variant now starts from Rs 1,99,900 in the country but Apple has gone bonkers with the model, literally, and added variants that offer up to 64GB RAM and a whopping 8TB SSD for storage — the largest SSD ever in a notebook.

That model, understandably, costs more than 2 lakh, and will most likely be preferred by professionals who really need a system with all that power and space. It will be available in the coming months.

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4. Why Is WhatsApp Draining The Batteries On Some Phones?

The latest update of WhatsApp appears to be draining the batteries on some phones.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps used for messaging across the world, but this week many smartphone users are reporting that the app is draining their phone’s batteries incessantly.

Interestingly, brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Google Pixel seem to be the main victims of the issue. OnePlus forums are flooded with queries that have probably picked up since the new version 2.19.308 was released.

We decided to test the claims ourselves and found that WhatsApp running on OnePlus phones, sourced from multiple people, was using over 50 percent of the battery with basic use of the app.

Read the full story here.

5. Moto Razr with Foldable Display Launched, Coming To India Soon

The Moto Razr comes with two displays.

Motorola has finally launched the new avatar of the Moto Razr which now comes with a foldable display and the nostalgic flip design that the previous Razr phone was launched with.

The new Moto Razr comes with two displays with the primary display being the foldable screen and a smaller display on the outside.

Moto Razr has been launched at $1,500 which translates to roughly Rs 1.08 lakh. The phone will be launched in India soon, the company has confirmed this week itself.

Read the story here to know more.

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