TecQ: iPhone 11 Launch Date, OnePlus TV, JioPhone 2 & More

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Here’s Why You Need Password Managers to Protect Your Data

It’s time to become smart about password management 

You’ve heard a lot about them but never understood the use. We’re talking about password managers. As the name suggests, they free users from the hassle of remembering their passwords or even having to digitally save them somewhere.

With our digital life becoming as precious as our offline one, it stands to reason that people are unable to keep a track of accounts on which they sign up and thus, end up duplicating their passwords, an ill-advised decision.

So, unless you have a photographic memory (which most of us do not), it’s high time you consider using password managers. Here’s a detailed look at how they work, what they do for users and which ones are worth giving a shot.

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New Apple iPhone 11 to Be Launched on 10 September: Report

This doesn’t look like an Apple product, does it?

Apple has released the seventh beta of iOS 13 to registered developers, and, a Brazilian site, iHelp BR, has found that the iPhone 11 series will be released on September 10.

The Brazilian site found an image named ‘HoldForRelease’ which has the 10 September date on the calendar of the iOS 13 home screen, hinting at the possible release date of the iPhone 11 series, The Verge reported.

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OnePlus TV Launches This Year – What We Expect to See

OnePlus TV with smart features could get a TV-version of the Oxygen OS

We all know that OnePlus is working on its version of a smart television, which was first expected to be launched by 2020. However, reports coming in this week suggest the launch time-frame might be earlier than we had anticipated.

The news about the upcoming product was shared by Founder and CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau in September last year via Twitter.

OnePlus will be the latest mobile brand to foray into this space, where we’ve already got names like Xiaomi, Micromax and established giants like Samsung and LG among others.

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Some of Your Passwords Might Be Compromised, Says Google

Keeping your passwords safe is not easy but can be done with these steps

Google has been working proactively to make its users passwords safer by introducing a number of features on the platform.

Not only does Google offer a password manager in its Chrome browser, but has also been working on introducing a number of Google Chrome extensions that keep users away from malicious websites, of which Suspicious Site Reporter is a good example.

A recently introduced Chrome extension dubbed Password Checkup extension has revealed that almost 1.5 percent of people are using logins known to be unsafe.

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Why Have People Stopped Buying Reliance JioPhone in India?

JioPhone supports apps like WhatsApp and YouTube

Back in January last year, the Reliance JioPhone was credited with rebooting the ailing feature phone market in India. More than a year and a half later, the unique device is having a hard time finding takers.

This has been illustrated in the Q2 2019 report by Counterpoint, which shows JioPhone’s market share has dipped from 47 percent (Q2 2018) to 28 percent in the span of a year.

The demand for feature phones is back to the 2017 (pre-Jiophone) level, and a lack of demand for the JioPhone is to blame for most of this decline.

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