Techfynder to add 1.5 lakh professional contractors in India by 2021

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Mumbai, Nov 2 (PTI) Techfynder, one-stop solution for hiring IT contractors globally, on Monday said it is planning to register 1,50,000 professional contractors in India by next year.

'We're seeing a huge increase in demand for contract and remote workers on our platform, one that will have a significant long-term impact on the labour market. Globally, we're seeing four times rise in the number of jobs that offer contract and remote work since March,' the company told PTI.

It added that next year, the company plans to have four lakh professional contractors registered globally and 1,50,000 in India.

Techfynder has added 44,000 contractors from India over the past year, and the platform now has 45,000 contractors registered from the country, depicting a 45-fold increase in its Indian user base compared to last year's 1,000 contractors.

Over 1,22,000 contractors have joined the platform globally during the third quarter of 2020, a 32 per cent quarter-on-quarter growth in terms of users.

Techfynder now sees a daily user rate of 87 per cent by IT contractors, with 250 clients actively hiring.

'The high traction across all global markets is a testament to our approach and gives us the motivation to strive harder. There is a promising future for Techfynder platform, and it's extraordinary to see a positive growth in our first year,' Techfynder CEO Praveen Madire said.

He added that the company aims to have a fully functioning mobile app by next year beginning, which will be a great achievement.

'In terms of more long term, I expect the number of features that we offer to increase, I expect them to be more extensive and advanced as time goes on,' Madire said.

Launched in October 2019, Techfynder is a unified platform that streamlines the process of hiring professional contractors. The intelligent platform matches top-quality contractors with the roles they are most qualified for. Its matching algorithm considers a contractor's skills, experience, preferred rates, and location for a given contract. PTI SM HRS

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