How TechBeach Retreat Is Building the Most Powerful Technology Ecosystem?

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With almost every vertical market being transformed by digital technologies, the nature of businesses is changing. With the swift and rampant adoption of automation and technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the world is a dynamic and thriving startup ecosystem. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, in the years 2016 - 2019, the Jamaican Stock market has produced the best returns on the planet for its investors. Returns in that time setupling that of the S&P 500. Companies in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean are hungry to adopt new technologies as well as build their own scalable solutions. And with the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, the Caribbean and wider human race has become dependent on technology more than ever. TechBeach, a technology focused community platform, with headquarters in Kingston Jamaica, has been dedicated to addressing this problem since its inception. Built on the motive of creating the most powerful technology ecosystem, TechBeach has been dedicated to connecting people and organizations with respect to the rapid evolutions taking place in the industry.

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Founded in 2016 by Kirk-Anthony Hamilton and Kyle Maloney, TechBeach started with a singular aim of tapping into the potential of the people of the Caribbean who are mostly skilled developers and potential tech visionaries. By harvesting this power, TechBeach aims at providing access to talent, tech partnerships, advisory services, amongst other programs. The company is built on an inclusive framework that strives to offer diverse services which include a multi-layered solution designed on pillars of community (TBR Summits), education (TBR Lab), market data (TBR Intelligence), partnerships and investment (Venture Island). These services are designed to solve big problems and accelerate technological transformation, keeping in frame the idea of an enclosed, flourishing community. According to Kyle Maloney “The Global Caribbean Diaspora is filled with amazing talent throughout the tech ecosystem and according to Pew Research roughly half of all foreign-born blacks living in the U.S. (49%) are from the Caribbean. This presents a tremendous opportunity. Through TechBeach we’re building bridges to more efficiently capitalise on opportunities of investment, partnership and learnings.”

The Summits by TechBeach aim at creating such a platform or, to say such intimate gatherings that promote the inclusion of industry experts like Entrepreneurs, Expert Thought Leaders, Investors, and Technology Professionals. These summits are held with a single motive to encourage people to think about various ways in which they could contribute to the ever-evolving tech industry and highlight their extremely important role in the same. Such intimate gatherings ultimately result in the formation of a powerful network that works on a transformative mission that is beneficial for the entire community. Building on the strength of the community, the education pillar TBR LAB, is being launched in 2021. Seeded with USD 1 Million in Funding from the InterAmerican Development Bank, and in partnership with Toronto Based Accelerator DMZ, TBR Lab aims to radically transform the digital landscape of the Caribbean and emerging markets, via the launch of accelerator programs targeted at supporting the hyper-growth of tech startups and enabling enterprise organizations and governments to deploy impactful tech-driven solutions.

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Since its inception, TechBeach has worked with industry giants like Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and PayPal. “Through these partnerships and experts that have participated in our summits, we have put together an amazing advisory board of leaders from companies like Goldman Sachs, MasterCard and IBM. They will advise on the accelerator and mentor startups that come through the program.” says Kirk-Anthony Hamilton. Four years down the line, TechBeach is still striving to evolve the technology industry in the Caribbean by rapidly creating a strong, stable, and flourishing ecosystem comprising tech entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, enthusiasts, and innovators.