Tech insight: Williams introduces new bargeboard package

Jake Boxall-Legge

Having struggled to define its development path throughout the season so far, new parts have come as something of a premium for throughout 2019.

For the British Grand Prix, the team has redefined the turning vane package around the sidepod inlet, with a new upper element. Previously, the element was of a consistent curvature, and bridged the transition to the vertical turning vane – but now, these two parts have been split.

The leading edge now sweeps downward, before curving back up towards the outboard edge, but further down the chord length it sweeps upwards more dramatically.

This suggests a more concerted effort to take airflow from lower down, closer to the inlet aperture, and working it harder to bring it over the top of the sidepod.

Williams FW42

Williams FW42 Giorgio Piola

Giorgio Piola

Concerns over this mirror – which was curved in shape and was problematic for the drivers' rear-view vision – led to a hasty redesign for the season opener in Australia. This has now been redeveloped, sending laminar airflow downwards to trim the low pressure region developed by the mirrors, which minimises the overall drag.

use similar mirror designs to reduce their impact on the overall aerodynamics package.