Need to work as Team India, not as state and Centre: CM Kejriwal on COVID

New Delhi, May 26 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on May 26 said that the country needs to work as a team to fight war against COVID-19. He also highlighted the issue of shortage of COVID vaccine. CM Kejriwal said, “There's no vaccine in Delhi for youngsters. For last 4 days, vaccination centres for the 18-44 age groups are shut and not just here but across India, several centres are shut. Today, when we should have opened new centres but now we are also shutting the existing ones, which is not good.” He further said, “As per my knowledge, no state government has been able to procure a single dose of vaccine till now. The vaccine companies have denied speaking to the state governments... Why isn’t this country buying vaccines? We can’t leave it on states. Our country is at war against COVID-19. If Pakistan attacks India, will we leave states on their own? Will UP buy its own tanks or Delhi its own arms?” He then added, “This is the time to unite and work for both State and Centre, and not work separately. We need to work as Team India. It's the Centre's responsibility to provide vaccine, not States. If we delay it more, don't know how many more lives will be lost.”

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