Team Brazil Boycotts Copa America 2021, Casemiro Suggests His Entire Squad is Against the Idea of Hosting Tournament in Brazil

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The Copa America 2021 has been in the news for a while now. So Columbia and Argentina were initially the hosts for the tournament. But Columbia had been stripped off from being the hosts due to the acute COVID-19 crisis in the country. Argentina backed out from being the host due to the same reason. Brazil has now announced the host for the Copa America 2021, but this has surely not gone down well with the players. Team Brazil is planning to boycott Copa America 2021 and Casemiro has said that the entire squad is against the idea of conducting the tournament in Brazil. The tournament is supposed to start on June 13, 2021. Copa America 2021 in Trouble Again! Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes Could Call Off Matches if COVID-19 Situation Worsens.

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Casemiro, the captain of Brazil has already expressed his views and said that the team is against the tournament being held in the country. "Everyone knows our position in the Copa America in Brazil," the captain said following the Ecuador match. "It could not be clearer. We want to express our opinion more after the game against Paraguay. In fact, he had refused to speak to the reporters a day before that match against Ecuador. Tite was one of the first ones to express his displeasure openly. Other players including Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez and others have also spoken against the idea of conducting Copa America in Brazil.

Even Rio de Janeiro's Mayor Eduardo Paes had said that he would call off the Copa America matches in the city if the COVID-19 condition deteriorates any further.

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