Teacher Holding Baby in Class Because His Wife Passed Away? Here’s the Truth Behind Old Pics Going Viral With Fake Claim

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Taking care of a child, emotionally and financially is not easy. Besides, if you are a single parent, the challenges are even more. While there are so many inspiring tales of single dads and single moms bravely taking care of their child, there is one pic going viral with a false claim. Pictures surfacing on Twitter show how a man is holding a baby, while taking classes. The tweets claim that he is a single parent, who lost his wife and hence, looking after the child, and taking college classes, at the same time. The pictures are sure adorable, but the claim is untrue. In fact, the images are from 2016, and he is a Mexican teacher who turned baby sitter for one of his students, so that she could take notes.

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The pictures on Twitter are shared with caption, “His wife passed away during Childbirth. But he has taken responsibility for taking the child and college classes together. The real life Hero.” The pics are receiving massive praises on the microblogging site. It shows the man carrying the baby, while taking the class.

Here's the Tweet:

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The Pics Have Gone Viral on Twitter

However, the claim in the viral tweet is fake. The pictures were originally shared on Facebook in 2016. The man in the images is a law professor, identified as Moisés Reyes Sandoval, who decided to carry his student’s son so that she could take down the notes without getting interrupted in the class. He took to Facebook to share the moment. For the university professor, the baby’s mother is a source of pride because, despite all her responsibilities, she continued her studies. Morehouse Math Professor Babysits His Student’s Child! Here’s All the Times When Professors Turned Babysitters in Class.

Here's the Original Pic:

It is surely inspiring when we see single parents fulfilling their child-rearing responsibilities despite all challenges, but it loses the essence, if we spread false claims. Many a time, we see fake news and false rumours circulating on the internet. It is important to verify and cross-check social media posts before sharing them online.