Teacher Hails Student who Requested to Give His Bonus Points to Classmate Scoring Lowest


In an act of generosity, a class topper made a bizarre request to his teacher to transfer his bonus points to someone who needs it.

A high school teacher in Kentucky took to social media to highlight the helpful nature of the 'A+' student talking about the remarkable request made by one of the students, which he believes he has 'never seen'.

The student would have otherwise scored a 99, but in stead his answer sheet displayed a 94, where the extra 5 marks was given to someone else.

Taking to Facebook, Winston Lee said, "One of my guys, a straight A+ guy, offers up his 5 bonus points to someone in need. Anyone. Totally offering up what is rightfully his, his earning, to any peer that may have been struggling especially hard the day of the test."

He further added, "He didn’t care if he considered them a friend, didn’t care if they were cool, didn’t matter to him what situation had caused them to score lower, he just wanted to help, be kind, commit a loving act."

According to reports, this is the first time he has received such a warm request from an 11th grader however, he was not much surprised.

Speaking to reporters she said, "He is the type of kid that would often show compassion in the classroom."

Lee also said that the female student, who received the bonus point from him, was very "thankful" although she didn't know who actually gave it to her!

As per a People's report, Lee emphasized that not all are great test-takers and might find it hard to focus during tests. Hence those 5 points really saved the student, who would have otherwise failed the test.

In his Facebook post, the teacher urged everyone to be a little more like this young man, as this gave him "a lot of hope."