Teach ‘delayed gratification’, don’t label kids as ‘stubborn’: Paediatrician in parenting workshop held in Indore

Indore: When a child insists, it is not right not label them as ‘stubborn’, parents need to understand that children have not been taught a skill called ‘delayed gratification’. This was explained by paediatrician Dr Amit Bang to the group of parents, who had gathered for a parenting workshop in Gumashta Nagar.

During the workshop, a session was organised for parents to help them understand psychology, behaviour and emotions of a child. Another session was organised with children to guide them on how to handle emotions.

“Studies have shown that delayed gratification is one of the most effective personal traits of successful people, so we must develop it in ourselves and our children,” Bang said. He suggested that the best way to develop such a trait in children is allow them to take decisions.

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“We often take the burden of our child’s education on ourselves, which ends up making us cranky and the child upset, instead, we must help our children with options but not take their burdens and decisions,” Bang said.

He gave an example of how a parent can provide alternatives to the child if the child has failed to complete the homework in a day. “You cannot end up completing their homework or force them to do it, give them options and consequences, let them decide,” Bang said.

In the various activities conducted with children, children were taught to breathe deeply, control their anger and express emotions without hurting others. Further, an activity was organised in a group to teach empathy and problem solving skills.

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