TDP's Nara Lokesh visits farmers arrested during protest for Amaravati as capital of Andhra Pradesh

Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Jan 8 (ANI): TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh and his party leaders visited the Guntur district prison and met with farmers arrested during protests for capital Amaravati.

After visiting the farmers, Lokesh told media persons: "Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy cheated farmers. He had said he would stand by them but he is filing cases on farmers. As many as 16 farmers have been arrested who are fighting for Amaravati capital."

"There were nine cases filed on one farmer. YSRCP public representatives in Guntur and Krishna districts are demeaning the farmers who sacrificed their lands for the capital," Lokesh said.

He said, "YSRCP MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy went to the place where farmers were agitating on the highway. One stone hit the car, and cases are being filed after that."

"The government is planning to shift secretariat to Millennium towers in Visakhapatnam, which has been built by the TDP government only," he said.

The TDP leader further said, "The government is planning to shift the high court to Kurnool, what development will it get? Only a bunch of Xerox shops will be started. Officials will have to run between the three capitals all the time. What will they respond to public issues?"

"This is not correct. The government should not create a rift between all three regions. We will fight a legal battle under the leadership of JAC for retaining capital at Amaravati," he added. (ANI)