TDP appeals to Andhra Governor to initiate audit of state finance dept by CAG

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Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], July 8 (ANI): Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MLA and Andhra Pradesh Assembly Public Accounts Committee Chairman Payyavula Keshav has alleged that the state finance department has grossly violated the treasury norms.

He alleged that payments to the extent of Rs 40,000 crores were made in gross violation of well-regulated accounting rules and procedures.

He requested Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan for initiating full-fledged Audit of the Andhra Pradesh Finance Department for financial years 2019-20 and 2020-21.

The PAC chairman wrote to the Governor, "It has come to my notice that large sums, to the extent of Rs. 40,000 crores, have not been accounted as per the codal provisions. It appears that the said amount is being transferred or withdrawn in gross violation of the Andhra Pradesh Treasury Code. In this backdrop, gross violations of funds need to be checked on an emergency basis. Else, there may be further increased in violations of established procedures, codes, norms, rules and regulations giving rise to huge scale misappropriation of funds."

"Therefore, it is appealed to Your Excellency to cause a full-fledged Audit of the AP State Finance Department for the financial year 2019-20 & 2020-21 to bring out the irregularities and avoid future risks," he wrote.

In order to substantiate his argument, the PAC chairman has enclosed a letter sent by Principal Accountant General (PAG) to the state Principal Finance Secretary. In that letter, the PAG wrote that it was noticed during the inspection that 10,806 bills involving Rs 41,043.08 crore were drawn under special bill category without any details.

Based on that letter, Payyavula Keshav requested the state Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan to initiate full-fledged audit of the state finance department. (ANI)

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