Taxi driver who faked heart attack to avoid short journey is fired

Corazon Miller

A taxi driver who faked a heart attack to get out of a short trip from Sydney Airport in Australia has been fired.

The driver for company 13 CABS was picking up a female passenger from the airport for a journey to the central city suburb of Annandale - a 11.5-mile trip or a 20 minute drive.

She said the driver had become upset at the short fare and some 10 minutes into the journey, dropped her "in the middle of nowhere", claiming he was unwell.

In a video, taken by the passenger and given to Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair' show, the driver can be seen dramatically clutching his chest and falling to his knees.

"I’m not driving ma'am, I’m not driving, my condition is not well," he says.

The driver can be heard to say he wasn’t feeling well, as he clutched at his chest and fell to his knees. (A Current Affair)

When the passenger challenges him for dropping her so far from her destination, he can be heard asking who would be responsible if there was an accident.

She went on to question his honesty, saying: “Oscar award, Oscar award goes to you.”

The Sydney taxi driver was reportedly upset at having to take a short fare from the airport. (A Current Affair)

The incident was reported to 13 CABS and the company’s chief operating officer told Channel Nine the taxi driver had been fired.

He said the driver’s trip logs had matched the story the passenger told.

“He should go and get a career in acting, because cab driving is not in his future,” Mr Overell said.