Tavleen Singh attacked on Twitter after son Aatish Taseer's OCI revoked; mother says British-born author Indian not Pakistani

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Veteran journalist and author Tavleen Singh, who often in the past took a pro-government position on several matters, was forced to come out in support of her son after the government labelled him a 'Pakistani'. Under attack from both Left and the Right-wing supporters, Tavleen took to Twitter on Friday and claimed that her son's citizenship was under question because he wrote an article that the "Home Minister did not like". Her tweet resulted in many comments from writers and other personalities.

Centre on Thursday night revoked the Overseas Citizen Status of Tavleen's British-born son Aatish Taseer months after he wrote an article criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the General Elections held earlier this year. The government's reasoning behind the move was that Taseer 'hid his father's Pakistani identity'.

Taseer refuted the charge, while also alleging that he was not given the full 21-days-window to reply to the home ministry notice but just 24 hours.

On the question of his citizenship, Aatish says he was 'born out of wedlock' (his words) and had no contact with his father till he turned 21. He enjoys British citizenship by birth and held an OCI card which is the closest document to actual citizenship, as India does not recognise dual citizenship. The government, however, has refuted charges that the action against Taseer was motivated.

In the controversy unfolding in the aftermath, Tavleen, often labelled pro-Modi by Left-liberals, was under fire from both sides of the political spectrum on Twitter.

But many, including journalist Swati Chaturvedi, said the attack against her for her son's ideology was "sick" and uncalled for.

The current controversy was only a continuation of the vitriol unleashed on Twitter after Taseer's article was first published in Time in May 2019. Tavleen was targetted at that time as well and had to clarify that her son was not a Pakistani citizen.

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