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Friday 21, February

Early today the planet of drive gets a jolt of energy from Uranus (currently in your sign). This feels intensely electric and possibly a bit shocking, but it's the kind of power you can use to push forward your agenda. It could just be a flash of creativity out of nowhere, Taurus - be ready for it.

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Thursday 20, February

The planet of luck is snuggling up with the planet of dreams. The sweet sextile between Jupiter and Neptune can make you feel like everything is perhaps better than it is in reality, but why question things when they feel great? You deserve a break from the hellish retrograde vibe anyway.

Wednesday 19, February

The Moon is in Capricorn, your sister earth sign, helping you to again feel grounded and in control, despite the retrograde chaos in mystical Pisces. You're thinking about big ideas and want to expand your consciousness over the next few days, but in the most practical way possible.

Tuesday 18, February

The Sun dips into Pisces very late tonight, and will deepen your social relationships for the next four weeks. Your friendships and connections to groups are where the most powerful energy is between now and 19 March - just note that Mercury Retrograde is moving through the same part of your chart until the 4th. There will be reflections, stops and starts.

Monday 17, February

Mercury went officially retrograde early this morning, and today you're likely to have a strange cosmic hangover. The Moon squares Neptune, making intimate relationships messy and ultra-confusing. If you don't know where you end and your lover/partner begins, don't freak out - it's par for the course.

Sunday 16, February

Another Mercury Retrograde is kicking in today and it's all about your goals, friendships, and old collaborations. People from the past are on their way back for a reunion. It's also the perfect time to pay attention to any goals that have fallen by the wayside for far too long. Pick them back up and watch the magic unfold.

Saturday 15, February

The Moon continues to light up your house of relationships. Even though your overall energy might be lower than normal due to the opposition, the key is the company you keep. If you spend time with people who inspire and lift you up, you're golden. Those who drain or take advantage of you are off limits now.

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