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Friday 27, March

Today has fabulous aspects as your ruling planet Venus lights up your stars and gets extra support from the planet of fame and fortune, Jupiter. Use this magical stream to tap into your highest levels of inspiration, beauty and moneymaking prowess. You've got it all going your way, darling.

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Thursday 26, March

The Moon moves into your stars and brings some friction from Saturn for the earlier part of the day. Pause before following your instincts to be sure that you are not forgetting the larger picture. Uranus comes to electrify you next and you get some powerful "aha" moments and cosmic downloads.

Wednesday 25, March

It's a day where everyone's insecurities and irritations can be magnified. Just trust that when you stay cool, calm and collected everything is a thousand times less stressful. You cannot stand pressure or alarm bells going off. Your nature is to remain serene and grounded at all times which is why everyone gravitates to your peacefulness.

Tuesday 24, March

The New Moon is here and it's asking you to really come back to your most essential self. This requires some tuning in and that means tuning out from external distractions. Let yourself focus on your desires, your dreams and that which you feel most passionately about now.

Monday 23, March

It's a moment of rest and pause now. The Moon is quite dark before we get our brand new cycle tomorrow. But first things first, you're being asked to turn inward and find the moments that fill your soul with friendship and sweetness. Others may push you to stay on task, but this is not that kind of day.

Sunday 22, March

Aggressive Mars and powerful Pluto join forces in your spiritual zone today, bringing your feelings about otherworldly things to an intense crescendo. The last few days have really been unprecedented, but as this aspect fades that edge should feel less sharp.

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