Tauktae tragedy rises with 37 dead & 45 still missing; Centre issues inquiry on this rescue failure

37 people have already lost their lives to the cyclone that has hit barges of the coast of Mumbai. Serious concerns raised over why warnings were ignored and why the evacuation of all the crew present at the ONGC drill site at the residential barges, done on time. Sources suggest that 14/16 life rafts had holes in them, and the congress government, along with coast guards, blame the ONGC when the Centre orders inquiry into this tragedy. Multiple angles come to light where coast guards went to rescue sea warriors when the oil PSU didn’t pay heed to warnings. Meanwhile, Rehman Shaikh, Chief Engineer, Barge 305 onboard, blamed the captain and called out both the captain and the client for making irresponsible decisions. #JusticeForSeaWarriors

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