Ankita Konwar Remembers the Day She Met Milind Soman and Fell for Him
Ankita Konwar and Milind Soman are more in love than ever as their marriage continues to grow from strength to strength.

After six years of being together, Ankita Konwar can still remember the day she met her husband Milind Soman and fell for him despite 26-year age difference between them-- like it was yesterday. At the time, Ankita was in her early 20s and had just started her professional career as a cabin crew in Air Asia.

"It was at that time that my then boyfriend, suddenly passed away. It was heartbreaking– it felt like there was no coming back. A couple of months later, I got posted in Chennai," Ankita pens down how it all started for Human of Bombay, a page that catalogs real-life stories.

But as luck would have it, her route took her very near where Milind was living (temporarily, of course).

"I was staying in a hotel with my colleagues. Once, in the lobby, I saw a tall, rugged man. It was Milind Soman! I was a big fan! So I went to say hello, but he was busy. A few days later, I saw him again at the hotel’s nightclub. I kept looking at him and he was staring at me too! My friends urged me to go talk to him. So I asked if he’d like to dance & he obliged! There was a vibe– I could feel it," she explains.

First, Ankita tried ignore her crush. "So I excused myself & I thought he’d forget about me. But soon he came looking for me– he had to go so he asked for my number."

The two exchanged numbers, talked over texts a few times and eventually went out for dinner. But Ankita still couldn't bring herself to get too involved.

"Until one day, I told him that because of my past, with my boyfriend, there was a part of me that couldn’t let go. To which he said, ‘When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with all of you. Even the part that carries the burden of your past. So don’t be afraid, we’re in this together.’ That’s when I knew, this was the man for me!"

The two dated for over five years before getting married in July last year. However, Ankita revealed that her family was "worried" about the age difference between Milind and her.

"But it wasn’t an issue for us! So when they saw us together & they saw how happy I was around him, they agreed too! Believe it or not, we got married thrice! We had a traditional wedding in Alibaug, a white wedding in Spain under a waterfall & the third, at a place called ‘the end of the world’ there. He’s the best thing that’s happened to me; he taught me to let go, to fall in love, to be happy," she adds.

Ankita and Milind are more in love than ever as their marriage continues to grow from strength to strength.

She concludes the post, saying, "I can’t wait to live the rest of my life with him.”