Having a tattoo ‘makes you more likely to get a job’, study finds

Rob Waugh
Could a tattoo help you get a job? (Getty)

Parents often like to warn that having a tattoo will condemn people to a life of unemployment – or, at best, a life of flipping burgers in a fast food joint.

But a new study suggests that things have changed in the workplace – and that jobseekers actually have a BETTER chance of being hired if they have tattoos.

The researchers from the University of Miami Business School surveyed 2,000 people in America – and found that there is no statistical difference in earnings between tattooed and non-tattooed people.

The researchers say that in the hiring market, tattooed job seekers are also just as likely – and in some instances even more likely – to gain employment.

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Professor Michael French of 6he University of Miami Business School said, ‘The long held stigmas associated with having tattoos, and particularly visible ones, may be eroding, especially among younger individuals who view body art as a natural and common form of personal expression.

‘Given the increasing prevalence of tattoos in society – around 40 per cent for young adults – hiring managers and supervisors who discriminate against tattooed workers will likely find themselves at a competitive disadvantage for the most qualified employees.’