Tata Safari Storme

A decade-and-a-half after it was launched, the Safari is still evolving. It finally got the long-awaited overhaul under the Safari Storme nameplate. The new Safari Storme stays true to everything that made the original so fantastic from the beginning. Although the Storme looks similar to the original Safari, it has undergone some significant design changes. Inside, there's virtually nothing carried over from the Safari. Tata has done a meticulous job of designing a minimalist, yet elegant cabin. Weighing in at around two tonnes, the Storme is not a light vehicle and suffers accordingly below 1800 rpm. Despite the VTT, there isn't any apparent shift in power delivery, as it remains linear all the way to the redline. The suspension is borrowed from the Aria and is on the soft side. The ride is very refined for a heavy  vehicle but you pay for this with a fair amount of body roll in corners. The Safari Storme comes with good news for off-road enthusiasts. The top-end model features ESOF (electronic shift-on-fly) technology, enabling engagement of the 4x4 or 4X2 mode on the move, and is also equipped with a limited-slip differential. Although it took 14 long years, things have certainly got better with the Safari Storme. Meanwhile, competition had grown stiffer, too. But Tata has got the main thing right — the price point. Starting from Rs 9.95 lakh for the entry-level trim, the Safari Storme is all set to face the competition and win its loyalists back.