Tarn Taran double murder: ‘If I see them together, I will shoot them’

Divya Goyal
Raj Kaur grieves for her son Amandeep at Naushera-Dalla. (Express photo by Rana Simranjit Singh)

Paagalpan, anpadta…chhoti soch… dimaag khraab haige ehna bachheyan de ajj kal…court di ni sunde tey hor kis di sunange. Do parivaar khatam karte… (Madness, illiteracy.. petty thinking. This younger generation has lost their heads. When they don t listen to the courts, then who else will they listen to! They have finished the two families), mourned Harbhajan Singh, a 73-year-old relative of Amandeep Singh, who was brutally murdered along his wife, Amanpreet Kaur (24), at Naushera-Dalla a village just a few metres away from the India-Pakistan border in Tarn Taran district.

The couple, who got married in August last year, was murdered Sunday morning. Both were Jat Sikhs and were in a relationship since Class 12. Their marriage was solemnised last year in court, allegedly without informing their respective families. While their parents and siblings had accepted them after a few days, Amanpreet s six paternal uncles and their sons (her cousins) still had a problem with her love marriage .

The couple s parents show their photographs. (Express photo by Rana Simranjit Singh)

Gurbhinder alias Bhupinder alias Bhindi, Amanpreet s youngest cousin in his twenties, had allegedly threatened to kill the couple and is the main accused.

The police have booked five persons the girl s paternal uncle, Mewa Singh, his two sons Gurbhinder and Surjit Singh, and two other cousins Amarjit Singh and Harwinder Singh for kidnapping and murder. The FIR was registered at Sarai Amanat Khan police station. Some unidentified accused who were accompanying them on motorbikes and attacked the couple have also been booked. No arrests have been made so far.

On Monday, two villages separated by just a few kilometres were in mourning. While Amandeep hailed from Naushera-Dalla, Amanpreet was from Gheri.

At Amandeep s home, villagers described the most heart-rending and bone-chilling scenes of Sunday s crime, when the couple was attacked on their way back from gurudwara Bir Baba Buddha Sahib on a motorbike. Their bike was rammed from behind by a Swift car near the road leading towards their village. After the couple fell down, the accused then allegedly crushed them under the car s wheels and then attacked them with swords and other sharp-edged weapons.

Villagers claimed that the couple was allegedly dragged for a few meters before being dumped in the car . The accused then took them to the road right in front of Amandeep s home, brought them out of the car and shot them. The accused again allegedly mowed them under the vehicle and shot both in head and face before fleeing the spot.

The autopsies of the victims could not be completed Monday as bullets stuck in their heads could not be located in X-rays and CT scans had to be done.

Grieving villagers at residence of Amandeep Singh at Naushera. (Express photo by Rana Simranjit Singh)

Tarn Taran DSP (city) Kawaljit Singh said, The main conspirator behind the crime is Amanpreet s cousin Bhupinder alias Bhindi. He is a radical minded person who could not tolerate that his sister had a love marriage. He is his twenties and probably the youngest of the four cousins. He is unmarried. Earlier, he was a friend of Amandeep Singh and could not tolerate that his sister married his friend that too without informing or taking the family into confidence. All four cousins are probably aged 25 to 35 years, but things will be clearer after their arrest. Since the couple s marriage, girl s cousins were nursing a grudge against her and did not want that she should be accepted in the family. However, her own father and mother had accepted her.

Parents and grandparents of the couple huddled together at Amandeep s home on Monday and grieved the loss of two young lives killed because they dared to fall in love.

Amarjit Singh, father of the girl, said that his six brothers were not happy with the fact that he had accepted Amanpreet back in family despite her love marriage. No other girl in our family ever did a love marriage. We got to know of her marriage 3-4 days later, but we did not say anything to her. I did not scold her. Even my own son, Manjit Singh, had no issues with their marriage. My other daughter had come from Cyprus especially to bless them. But my brothers and their sons had an issue with it. They said that I should not accept her back, but I told them very clearly that I cannot leave my daughter. I love her very much. She even came to stay at my place a few days back. One of her cousins had even warned me, Mainu kite dikh gaye taan maar dene hai..(If I see both anywhere, I will shoot them) .

The father added: We had complained to the police and submitted to them that if there is any harm done to the couple, these people will be responsible for it.

The girl s mother, Rajinder Kaur, said initially after the marriage, they just had one complaint with Amanpreet that she did not inform them or told them that she was in love. In fact, they had got Amanpreet engaged to someone else because they weren t aware of her relationship with Amandeep. But later, they blessed the couple. Had she informed us, we would have solemnised everything with rituals. But they had come to the village almost twenty days after the marriage. Still, we accepted them. Both families visited each other s homes. I do not know what problem her cousin had with her. She was the first girl to do a love marriage in our family but we had accepted it, she said.

Amandeep s mother, Raj Kaur, said that the two were like children at heart. Every other day, both wanted Maggi and chocolates. They were just 24. From the very day Amanpreet came to our home, she always respected us and loved me like a mother. Both wanted to go to Canada and she had cleared her IELTS too. What problem others had when their own parents and families had accepted them. Why did they destroy our world?

Youngest among their siblings, both Amandeep and Amanpreet, had made plans to move to Canada. While Amandeep had studied till Class 12, Amanpreet was a qualified nurse.

We had no idea that they were in a relationship till they got married. Amandeep used to go to school in the bus and she used to come in a school van. Both met at school, some 8 km away at Gandiwind where they completed Class 12. My other three sons and their wives never had any issue with them getting married, but we got to know only later. Amandeep did not study after Class 12 and was helping me in the fields. He just wanted to go to Canada, said Sukhdev Singh, Amandeep s father.

But it was the 75-year-old maternal grandmother of Amanpreet that summed up the madness of it all. I never had any issue with my granddaughter doing a love marriage. These youngsters are expected to have a broader mindset. But how can you change someone s thinking, said Surjit Kaur.