Tapping simple technology: Pune mosque uses specially designed taps to cut water wastage

People performing Wazu at Bazme Madina mosque in Ramwadi.

Written by Vaishali P

Despite a severe water shortage in the city this summer, Bazme Madina mosque in Ramwadi did not have to worry too much about arranging enough water for devotees performing Wazu ablution performed before praying. Reason: the mosque management has installed specially designed taps that are water efficient and avoid wastage.

According to sources, the average water saved per person could be as high as 60 to 70 per cent.

Ramwadi mosque is one of the seven mosques in Pune to have installed the taps. Manufactured by Mumbai-based Hawa valves, these water efficient taps, so far, have been installed at 120 mosques across the country.

Faisal Hawa, co-owner of the firm which manufactures the taps, said while normal taps keep running as a person washes his arms, face and feet up to ankles, leading to wastage of water during Wazu, touch-sensitive or sensor-enabled ones ensure that water only flows if motion is detected.

However, these (motion-sensor enabled taps) are expensive and charity-run mosques and madrassas cannot afford them, he said.

Explaining the technology used by the Mumbai-based firm, Faisal said, the taps are replaced with molded valves fitted with a jockey or joystick facing downwards. The joystick has to be moved to get water, and as the joystick is released the water flow stops.

These taps are beneficial, as when you press the stick hanging downwards with the flow the water flows out. Stop pressing it and the water flow stops. These unique and user-friendly taps are affordable and cost just Rs 100-150 per piece, he said.

Faisal said he was thinking about ways to stop water wastage during Wazu since he was a teenager. After entering the business, he discussed the idea with his cousin Javed and his R&D team and started working on different designs of taps. According to him, water used per Wazu can be cut from 4-5 litres per person to 750 ml to 1 litre per person by using these taps.

Zameer Shaikh, who runs Bazme Madina Jama Masjid, Pune, said: These taps have cut down water wastage substantially. We save almost 60 per cent of water. The electricity bill is also less as we don t need to use our motor pumps. Even during summers, we are not facing any water shortage as our tanks were always full. We have also got requests from people, who want to use these taps in other places like schools, factories, etc, Faisal said.